Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Nothing new

There's a line in the film "Blazing Saddles" from the superb, but sadly late Slim Pickens. The line is "What'll that asshole think of next"

The line sums up our less than illustrious health minister Jeremy Hunt. So what has he thought of as his next big idea?
Well apparently he has decided that every hospital patient should have a doctor who is ultimately responsible for all aspects of that patient's care. Someone with whom the buck stops. And that doctor's name would be displayed at the top of the patient's bed.
What a fab idea! Why has no-one thought of this before? Oh wait! Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't the NHS already been doing that since 1948? I think what he's talking about is known as a "Consultant"

What a completely utterly ignorant useless fucking twat!!!!!!


  1. I KNEW I had heard of that before!

  2. Oh ffs. They've been doing 'named nurses' in Scotland for quite a while, only it doesn't work, because so many of them are on Bank and when they go off shift it means they aren't there. What they actually need is more regular staff who can form a team in a ward. It means continuity of records and it's also easier to pinpoint bad apples when they crop up. Will Hunt do this? I hae ma doots..