Thursday, 31 October 2013

Mystery object.

Any guesses as to what this was used for.


  1. Richard Mead’s tobacco smoke enema (glyster) for gut pain and attempts’ at resuscitation for drowning victims.

    1. Spot on correct!
      Bonus points if you can explain why anyone thought having tobacco smoke blown up your arse would do you any good.

    2. In the good ol’ days, physicians thought warming up the body (and a hearty stimulating rub) for ‘apparent death’ after drowning the best treatment and what better way to warm up the old bowels than with a glyster?
      Also used to treat iatrogenic drowning after immersion therapy when things (in psychiatry) were done proper! Excellent laxative and cows that roamed the fields were too given this pleasure! Also effective – so I have read – in treating convulsions, hernias and all manners of gut pain.
      Don’t you sometimes yearn for the good ol’ days?
      Anna :o]

  2. Bloody hell! I'm keeping away from medics and vets.