Thursday, 5 September 2013

Ambitrim scam

Here we go with yet another scam. Another product promising impossible levels of weight loss, in this case 18Kg in 4 weeks. Oh please!!! The link takes you to what purports to be an on line magazine called "Women's Health six" and in keeping with the image of a magazine there are 10 links at the top to take you to different sections of the magazine, such as fitness, health, beauty etc. But every single one takes you to the same page, where they try to sell you highly priced tablets claiming all sorts of pseudoscientific "fat busting" nonsense. As is usual there is a second tablet you have to buy to ensure efficacy, this one a laxative.
This ad however may well be falling foul of the law. Nowhere in the terms and conditions does it mention what funds will be taken out of your account in the long term. Naughty.

Don't find out the hard way. Steer well clear.

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  1. Another "negative option billing" scam. They have another site; which is a feeder to the .com site. Both sites only operational for a short while so no real timescale yet for the scam to take hold and for punters to realise that their bank account is being drained. I've called the 061.... number and left a message to be called back (we'll see) but the 061 number doesn't tally with Kidlington address which is 01865. All data on ownership currently hidden but I've found a link to Panama