Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Isn't it nice to see this twat given a well deserved kick up the jacksie.

 A man who knows nothing about health, nothing about the law, nothing it appears even about the limits of his own authority. Seriously Mr (suit full of bugger all) Cameron what were you smoking when you appointed such an ignorant fool to the post of health secretary. Were you having a laugh, or are you in the pay of "big homeopathy". GET RID!!!


  1. The ghastly thing, to me, is that most of the people he has appointed are like this. What do you think Duncan Smith knows about people who don't have much money? This universal credit idea is one of the biggest pieces of insanity ever. Apart from appointing Jeremy, that is.

  2. Dear Jeremy is an extremely bright boy, but with absolutely no knowledge about anything in particular. Next week he might well be made Minister of Puddings.