Thursday, 11 April 2013

111 again

In my last post I commented on how quickly the new 111 service had shown itself unfit for purpose. For years governments have tried to provide medical services more cheaply by having them provided by ever less qualified people. NHS direct was an attempt to have patients dealt with by someone cheaper than nasty expensive doctors, but at least it used nurses. 111 is the logical next step, employing people with no qualifications at all.
And now the magnitude of the inadequacy of this service is becoming apparent. Anyone with any sense would now abort this idea entirely, and that is the advice being given by everyone who knows what they're talking about. What do you suppose is the likelihood of that advice being heeded?

1 comment:

  1. Of course it's an 'NHS failing', not a DoH failing. They are quite happy to hoist this bucket of crap onto the unsuspecting public in the safe knowledge that the media will put the blame on the NHS. Which obviously is incompetent and needs to be privatised.