Saturday, 29 December 2012

The season to be jolly!

Well that’s Christmas over for another year. Mine was pretty reasonable, I find they get calmer and less self indulgent as I get older. Mind you it’s nice to have the freedom to celebrate, even if you don’t actually believe in the underlying basis of the event. I prefer to think of it in older pagan terms, the passing of the winter solstice & all that. 

Even though I personally have no regard for christianity I can’t help feeling that some christians are a bit hard done by. Such as these unfortunates who chose to celebrate Christmas in that jolly muslim country, Saudi Arabia. Somehow I have never regarded my plans for Christmas as “plotting”. 

Most of those at the party were christian though I expect that the ire of the police was particularly directed at the few moslems there. In that other jolly country Iran some poor bugger is facing a possible death sentence simply for becoming a christian. Just how rabid and prejudiced these people are is illustrated by the fact that his lawyer has been sentenced to 9 years inside for the heinous crime of representing him. 

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  1. There is an Egyptian newspaper called Al-Akhbar which is trustworthy, hence they wouldn't print such unverified story, specially since Christmas celebrations in Egypt, for example, is always attended by Muslim government officials to congratulate The Pope of Alexandria in person on the immaculate birth of Jesus which is mentioned in great detail in the Quran too. I didn't think they'd print a story like and they haven't for this is a Lebanese private online paper being managed from Beirut, and is not known as far as I know. I am not sure that I can trust them with such report. Here is the Arabic version of who they are, maybe there is an English one too, but I wouldn't waste more time since I have not seen that story reported by trustworthy papers anywhere else...