Monday, 6 August 2012


I've commented before on the dilemma a doctor might find himself in if he perceives substandard care within his Trust, and that there is no body that can assist and protect any whistleblower. There is now a petition to address a number of problems related to whistleblowing, including, hopefully, the safety of the whistleblower. Please sign it.


  1. This needs a total of 100,000 signatures surely. With 927 at this time, it has a long way to go and very few days (nine currently) within which to do it.

  2. Now 936. Interesting debate about it over on twitter.

  3. 937 - getting there - well, towards the 1000 anyway.

  4. Dr Zorro,

    Thanks for featuring this. Without mainstream media input it is hard to reach the heights of thousands. Nevertheless, we need 1000 to get our feet into a GMC door or a HSC door via an MP.

    The next petition with a longer timeframe is here
    It requests a HSC Inquiry into Whistleblowing. Please read, pass on, comment and keep it going.


  5. It's up to 950 today, Wednesday 8th August. 50 to go, that's easily possible by the deadline. Watch out GMC and HSC, 1000 signatures knocking your door - impossible to ignore. Or is it? It puzzles us a bit though that this is an HMG petition site normally needing 100,000 signatures so why do GMC and HSC have a duty to pay regard? And why bother considering the contempt held by the petitioner for their capabilities to achieve results? Won't the two bodies know that from the history of contact?

  6. 965 signatures Friday morning, 10/8/12 - six days to go including today, six signatures a day will get the 1000 total. But still a query as to whether the GMC or HSC will take any notice. Have to wait until closure before asking them whether or not, if not why not.

  7. The petition has now exceeded its 1000 target. So let's see what the GMC and HSC have to say. Also, the petition may have benefited from Laurence Vick's tweet and by Patients First re-tweeting.

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