Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Avilean scam

One of my readers has alerted me to yet another scam, another slimming product called Avilean. Yet again it features acai berries, together with mango and tea. I don’t normally provide a link to these sites but have done on this occasion because this time the ad is so badly done that I don’t think it likely to persuade anyone to part with their cash. 

It seems to have been written by someone for whom English is not a first language. It’s a combination of mangled English with meaningless gibberish so poor that it can’t even be described as pseudoscientific. Here are a few quotes taken directly from the page

“in the event that particular factor needs to make a move with sensuous and unattractive looks, then you definitely really have careful analysis build your fancy become a reality.”
“This component adjusts the look of adiponectin by enhancing blood insulin meter. Weight loss, the doppelganger of the element, lower downs the amount of C-reactive proteins.”
“enhances the metabolism by maintaining a reliable heartbeat.”
“The product not just inspections weight but additionally includes a check up on its prices. Hurry, and grab Avilean today, should you desire the having a properly contoured physiology.”
All scams eventually become so well known that they become unusable, but that doesn’t stop crooks from trying, far too late, to jump on the bandwagon. I am still occasionally getting emails from Nigerian gentlemen offering me huge sums of money, provided I send them some first. 

Hopefully the Nutrascience type scam is now getting to that stage and fewer people are being taken in. I expect they will think of something new.


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  2. I disagree, nobody deserves to be scammed, that's very mean spirited of you.