Saturday, 12 May 2012

Happy day

Today, apparently, is “International Nurses Day”. Can’t say I had ever heard of it. Anybody out there doing anything special to celebrate? This particular date was chosen as it is also Florence Nightingale’s birthday. So happy nurses day to all our nursing colleagues.


  1. Hmmmmm, can't decide if that picture is racist , sexist or just phwoar.

    Seems that only other countries 'celebrate' this day. In 30 years I have never heard of it and it is only due to reading international blogs that I am aware of it. My personal opinion is that Florence should be forgotten and consigned to history where she belongs - she has nothing to do with the modern world. I believe Scutari had the worst death rate of any military hospital in the Crimea.
    I think she was the worst thing that happened to nursing as it was she that introduced the nurse as handmaiden, which we are stil struggling to overcome. As my many jousts with the late lamented NHS Blog Doctor would testify. We are still being castigated by a public who have the concept that what she wrote in 1859 should still hold now, 152 years later.

    Rant over, now until we have a doctor's day or a binman's day or (insert random employment) day then what is so special about nurses that we need our ego's stroke with a special 'day'.

    1. Should have added, unless they are giving money in which case go for it.