Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Go Grimsby

My earlier post today favourably comparing Grimsby over the Maldives was a little tongue in cheek, but in fact the more I read the more I actually think I would prefer Grimsby. 

If your erotic interests veer more towards the look but don’t touch variety then bear in mind that bikinis are illegal in the maldives. In Grimsby however a sex shop that sold films that were not pornographic enough was fined for breach of trading standards rules.

Also, if Maldives follows the example of other islamic states even logging on to facebook could be risky.

The only thing the two places have in common is their low elevation above sea level. Grimsby is on the coast of billiard table flat Lincolnshire, and the highest point of Maldives is just 2.4 metres above the sea. No-one seems to give much thought to Grimsby but a great deal of teeth gnashing seems to be expressed over the possible loss of Maldives to the sea resulting from global warming induced rise in sea levels. Unfortunately that is another prediction that seems to be a load of bollocks.


  1. It is kind of depressing that the only things we can offer that's better than the Maldives, is porn, cheap booze and the chance to cheat on your missus. Not much to aspire to..

  2. It is not the specifics but the liberty that is the point. And the islamic concept of adultery is broader than ours, and is used to encompass all forms of sex outside marriage. Maldives is also not a good place for gay couples.