Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Jesus is coming

One thing religious apologists will point out is that a nation’s religious history to a great extent defines and determines the modern character of that nation. They will highlight the religious involvement in the art, history, architecture and culture of a nation. 

While that as a fact can not be denied the implication is that this would not have happened without religion and that a secular nation would not have developed art and culture and it’s modern identity. This is plainly nonsense as we would simply have developed differently, and probably for the better.

That religion is still all pervasive there is no doubt and there is no area of modern life that is free of it. The extent of this was brought fully home to me by this web site offering an unusual type of religious artefact.

I have to say that the “baby jesus butt plug” brought a tear to my eye.


  1. Seriously, there are a couple of things there I have no idea what they are for. What the hell does a 'Bible Thumper' do?


  2. GrumpyRN. I think you'll find that's for those who think the Bible can get f**ked - literally.