Monday, 25 April 2011

Honeymoon over

I have said before that I am not a very political person, and I rarely pursue a political agenda. I was glad to see the last government go because of it’s corruption and incompetence and I decided to retain an open mind when it came to the new coalition. I like to think I am unbiased and that my opinions are formulated on the basis of factual performance rather than pre-cultivated dogma.

But I have come to the conclusion that David (call me Dave) Cameron is a complete and utter knob.

Coming to this conclusion has been a step by step process, as he has ratcheted up my disapproval on various issues.

Firstly there is his determination to heavily involve the private sector in the NHS reforms despite the obvious fact that previous such policies, in the form of the PFI hospitals have been a scandalous diversion of public funds into private pockets.

Secondly there is his seeming determination to ensure that a decent school and university education once again become the exclusive preserve of the sons of the wealthy.

But the final straw is what he envisages for the House of Lords. This is an institution that should not be tolerated in a country that claims to be democratic. A house, with no limit to the numbers of members, filled by political decree with government cronies as a sinecure for retired MPs. There are apparently 792 of the buggers at the moment, and nearly half are over 75. 

And perhaps the most disgraceful component of the Lords is the automatic inclusion of 26 Anglican Bishops. Who the hell ever voted for them. And Cameron wants to increase the number of “Faith Lords” by including other religions too. 

I believe it is a strong possibility that the recent census will show that the commonest group in Britain is those of “no religion”. And yet we are going to have to put up with a Lords full of unelected faith representatives, excluding atheists of course.

The only democratically acceptable option for a second chamber is for it to be totally elected. And if the religious institutions feel they should be represented let them stand like anyone else and see how many votes they get.

But Cameron apparently is determined that the House of Lords is not turned into a secular institution. 

What a tosser.

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