Sunday, 11 July 2010

Private Practice again

In my last post about private practice I highlighted the not uncommon abuse whereby some NHS Consultants pursue private work while supposedly working for the NHS. Right on cue appears this article confirming that this practice is not only alive and well but actively supported within the NHS at all levels from Medical Directors to the NHS anti fraud unit. In this case the unfortunate individual who highlighted such abuse found herself dismissed on trumped up charges pretty damned quickly. I suppose I should be inured to it after all these years, but it still appals me how dirty the NHS establishment can be when you scratch the surface. It looks as though justice here is likely to prevail in her case though it will be interesting to see whether any action will be taken against the Consultants who were in breach of contract and then engineered her dismissal. Just so we know who we are talking about, the two Consultants in question are Dr. Miranda Harvie and Dr. Peter Schnatterback, both of Ealing Hospital. The Medical Director is Dr William Lynn.

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