Monday, 7 June 2010

Foundation status again

I see yet another hospital, Airedale, has been found to have had serious failings as a result of managerial obsession with acquiring Foundation status. A report has stated that the managers lived “In a parallel universe” and that the goal of Foundation status “became an end unto itself” It also accused management of “losing sight of their overriding goal of serving patients in the best way possible."

If you look at Airedale hospitals website it introduces itself thus.

“Airedale NHS Trust is an award winning NHS hospital trust. Our vision is that by 2016 our distinctive ability to provide safe, high quality, compassionate and affordable care, will have placed us among the top 10 health care providers in England.” Parallel universe indeed!

The newspaper article refers to “management” in bland anonymous terms. But they are not anonymous. They are individuals with names and we should know who they are.

The chief executive until just a few weeks ago was Adam Cairns. Mr Cairns does have some achievements in Airedale. In 2008 he gave himself the biggest pay rise (33%) of any NHS CE in Britain. So is this parasite retiring into well deserved obscurity for his role in Airedale? No of course not. Having screwed up one hospital he is going to a new post as CE of Shrewsbury & Telford, to an even bigger salary.

The Trust Chairman is Colin Millar who appears sorry to see Mr Cairns go. Perhaps Mr Millar should follow him.


  1. Who is their website written for?

    I'm a little puzzled at the quote where they describe themselves as an NHS hospitals trust aiming to provide "affordable" care.

    Would someone care to explain it to this layman?

  2. What do any of these words mean in context? They are just phrases picked at random which sound OK to the gullible but mean nothing. Why the top 10, why not 20 or 5. Simply a smoke screen. A typical example of the management obsession with packaging rather than contents.