Saturday, 22 May 2010

Draw Mohammed Day

Threats to freedom of expression is not an issue confined to NHS staff. Thursday was apparently "Draw Mohammed Day"
Since I can't draw for toffee I have reproduced this cartoon from "Pharyngula" as a gesture of support.


  1. Other prophets have followers with a sense of humour


    So, when is a draw Christ, Moses or Buhda days then? I have a few ideas that are sure to make you laugh!

  2. Any day you like, that is the whole point. Draw one of those three and you are highly unlikely to get death threats.

  3. No Haha, I don't laugh at others but you made me! :-(23 May 2010 at 17:47

    Only I don't see other 'prophits' having a laugh at them day anywhere and I wouldn't want that to happen either!

    It seems you hae the wrong picture. Perhaps you should google what happened in France when a film showing Jesus was about to be released. Or, how about the Jerry Springer show when Christians gathered infront of the BBC to object the belittling of Christ, loads of Muslims gathered with them too! Maybe you should search the BBC site for some education doctor because there is a big difference between respect for others and death threats by fanatics who do kill their own too. I hope you can tell the difference.

    If you can't, criminals and fanatics exist in every religion and desere to be punished for the harm they cause. Just for the education again, maybe you should google that too

  4. Freedom of speech works both ways and they are just as entitled to voice objection. The Jerry Springer show went ahead despite the protests.
    Perhaps you should watch "Life of Brian" which also generated strong protests at the time or "The Exorcist" but both survived despite the protests.

  5. And despite all the uproar, there is no longstanding ban on drawing the prophet. The Washington Post did a piece on this in May: